May 29, 2006

Pilates origin

This revolutionary physical method invented by Joseph H. Pilates in 1920 during thw First Wolrd War and was initially called "Body Control": The science and art of mind, body and soul developing through natural movements under the strict control of will.

At first professional dancers where the most interested in learning this new method. However its creator wanted to go beyond that and take it to other ways such as rehabilitation, since he developed it thanks to his experience in hospitals during war, where showed to be quite effective in healing the sick.

This fame took him to teach his method secretly to dancers in New York till its consagration as the gymnastics par excellence. These days, it is integrated in every rehab program in the U.S, since it helps to exercise at maximum the muscular fibers of the 800 voluntary muscles of our body than can be modified; since each of our brain cells must be able to coordinate with the rest.


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