September 20, 2010

Pilates and cardio

One exciting thing about Pilates is its ongoing development. From the time Joseph Pilates created its today renowned method, we have now different variations of Pilates that make it more interesting to practice.

Cardiolates is a new kind of Pilates developed by Pilates on Fifth in Manhattan (Pilates studio) combines that combines the best of Pilates core strengthening and spine aligning with cardio workout.

Cardiolates strengthens every cell of your body, stabilizes involuntary postural muscles that control your balance and increase your core strength. The main focuses of Cardiolates are: 

- Aligning of joints in head, shoulders, ribcage, pelvis, knees and ankles.
- Neutral and energized spine. 
- Neutral pelvis.

Abdominal activation

Cardiolates warm-up consists of core-activating Pilates exercises to get abdominal muscles ready to stabilize the body while rebounding.

Muscle groups balancing

Pilates and cardio focus on the maintenance of proper spine posture and emphasis on joint alignment, in order to balance the muscles of the front and back of the body. At the end of each workout there is a stretching sequence that makes the most used muscles during the routine to relax and cool off to prevent problems caused by muscular and joint overuse.


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