March 22, 2010

Pilates fights cancer

 It’s no secret that exercise can help prevent disease. What is new is that certain physical activities, as Pilates, can help prevent and even overcome some types of cancer.  

Practicing relaxed sports help both prevent and cope with cancer as well as keep a good health condition once it’s overcome.  Pilates and yoga teach you how to breathe and relax so as to prevent the stress caused by cancer, the uncertainty of exam results, and the emotional changes it produces.

For women with breast cancer it’s highly recommended the practice of Pilates because it increases flexibility and elasticity of tissues, and prevents patients develop other conditions such as osteoporosis.

Pilates exercises help improve muscle tone that results damaged by certain aggressive cancer treatments. Muscle endurance exercises benefit bone density and have been proven to improve life quality of cancer patients and people with limited mobility.  

When practicing Pilates, cancer patients can use the aid of fitness complements such as fitness balls, medicine balls, rubber bands, and dumbbells.

For men with prostate cancer, experts advice low intensity workout that helps decrease the collateral effects as overweight and depressive mood. Elliptical machines are perfect of this case; they work out legs, arms and the rest of the body with a rhythm close to running but with a minimum acceptable impact.


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