September 04, 2008

Pilates practice to battle drug addiction

Pilates is much more than just a workout routine of slow motion rhythms performed on amt and machines. Pilates method is a holistic body, mind and soul discipline that can help people with drug dependant people overcome their addiction.

Pilates supplies the lack or little focus of physical therapy in many drug abuse rehab programs. Physical education with scientific support can and should be a change agent that can complement the program by drug addicts in rehab.

By physical education we do not mean playing a basketball or football match, but a complete physical program as Pilates that can help achieve the recovery of these patients. Though, it can be any other physical activity as yoga, tai chi, gymnastics or any other.

What Pilates, and physical activities in general, can offer is a new leisure activity, a new chance of self-control and discipline to improve physical condition, cardiovascular health, and in a psychological aspect, to have better anxiety control.

No longer should doing exercise or practicing sports be given as a “punishment” or nagging duty for patients with bad behavior. On the contrary, rehab should be more of an educational than rather a strictly medical therapy, don’t you think?


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