December 06, 2007

Pilates Exercise Video For Legs

I loved this Pilates Legs Video because almost anybody can do it and it is very well-explained.

No difficult positions, no machines involved just your body and total peace around you. However, as with every work out activity you will need.
  • A Pilates mat or a large towel
  • Sport clothing or very comfortable clothes
  • Room with full space and quietness
  • Optional, a rubber band for your feet
On the video they explain 4 Pilates exercises to workout your legs:
  1. The bridge: Pay attention to the pelvis and lower back position and the 4 breaths.
  2. Side upper leg lifts: Put the rubber band around your ankles to give more tension to the lifts. Realize this exercise 5 times.
  3. Side bottom leg lifts: Watch your backside or rib cage not sticking out and contract abdominals to prevent wobbling.
  4. Rise and Lower: This exercise is done stood up in front of a wall; you have to squeeze your heels, thighs and knees together. Realize it 5 times
A common denominator in all the four is the breathing since it is one of the fundamentals of Pilates.

Enjoy the vid and get those sexy always you always dreamed of.!


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