November 08, 2007

Butt Exercises Part IV– 10 great Yogilates exercises for a sexy booty

Number #7 Butt Exercise: This Yogilates exercise is called the Bridge. Lie down in a flat surface with your arms close to your body. Elevate your torso, butt and knees, with your arms as support.

As you elevate your body keep your belly inside, tight up your butt and get your chin close to your chest. Lower every vertebra, one by one, curving your back.

Hold this position for 20 seconds and repeat it 5 times.

This exercise will help you strengthen your buttocks, and fortify your back.

Number #8 Butt Exercise: Get on your knees and put your arms on each side of your waist (keep your back straight). Now, take your hand laterally to the floor, and extend your opposite leg, extend it completely.

This exercise allows you to strengthen and mold your buttocks.

Perform this butt exercise 20 times with each leg, and in both directions.


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