November 11, 2006

Pilates exercises: Part III

Shoulder exercises

- -Stand up with the feet slightly separated (for more balance) and the arms hanging on each side.

- Raise both shoulders until touching the ears and get them down slowly. Synchronize with breathing (10 times).

- Turn both shoulders forward as twisting a crank. Synchronize with breathing (10 times).

- Stand up with feet together and arms hinging in rest on each side. Make 3 deep breathings, inhale through the nose, raising both arms by each side until getting both hands together above the head, stretching. Go back to the initial position slowly, releasing air through the mouth at the same time (as blowing up a candle).

Important: Every time you are doing Pilates, have at hand bottled water and have some slurps after each round of deep respirations, with this we will keep our cells hydrated.


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