July 28, 2006

What are the differences between, Pilates, Yoga Tai Chi and Bodybalance?

Speaking in general terms they help to get balance and flexibility, and are perfect to ease stress.
The base of yoga is breathing. This technique helps relax the muscular and joint tension and brings mental calm and serenity. In late years it has become in more than a gym and sports enters trend. Since eastern techniques as Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi and Bodybalance – just to mention few- have captivated many people around the world not only interested in taking care of their bodies but also of their minds. But the question remains, what are the differences between them? We will tell you what they about and in which cases each one is recommended.

Pilates Method: This blog is all about Pilates, so just to make short resume we can tell that it is a technique created over 80 years ago and comprehends exercises focused on the abdominal muscles. Combines techniques of gymnastics, ballet and yoga.

What is it about? The Pilates Method works the deepest layer of our abdominals to restructure our bodies. It has 34 basic movements and combines floor exercises with machines.

What is it good for? To relief tensions and improve flexibility. This method helps shaping a slender and toned body. The Pilates Method helps strengthen and stretch the whole body, form head to toes, resulting in more slender muscles.

Yoga: Absolute relaxation. Yoga aims to fight daily aggressions like stress, headaches, anxiety, tensions, etc.; and recover stability through body, mind and soul.
What is it about? Yoga traditional positions like stretching and asana (manner of sitting in Yoga) relax muscular and joint tension, as they keep the body general wellbeing. The base of this millenary technique relies on breathing. It’s about giving mind peace and developing meditation. Reaching quietness and balance is the main purpose of yoga, which will be extended to other life activities.

What is it good for? Unlike other relaxation methods, as massages or reflexology, you don’t’ need the aid of anybody else. It’s a technique that encourages self acceptance and a calm leading attitude.

Tai Chi: Eases your tensions. It’s a similar technique or Asian origin. It’s a life philosophy base on threes basic principles: Relaxation, breathing and physical and mental wellbeing.
What is it about? The key of Tai Chi is not based on physical effort, but on breathing control and inner energy flow. Consists in a series of slow, natural and circular movements canalizing energy we have harmonizing mind and body.

What is it good for? Like yoga it is ideal to encourage a cero stress and tension living attitude. It’s a perfect activity for those who have muscular tension and emotional stress. Tai Chi strengthens your muscular system, activates your bloodstream and improves memory and concentration.

Bodybalance: Smooth gymnastics. It’s a method base don Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates techniques aimed at finding as its names says “balance of the body”. Practicing this method you generate strength, flexibility, joint wideness and a lot of agility.

What is it about? This discipline also goes for mind and body harmony, the classes are realized in groups in a place harmonized with relaxing music and nature sounds. There are stretching, muscular toning, and at the end of each session they are some minutes dedicated to meditate. It’s recommended for anybody, especially those who avoid intense efforts, elder people, pregnant women, and lovers of yoga and other eastern disciplines.

What is it good for? It’s designed to reduce stress and easing the pain. Bodybalance will help you go more way on your daily life, optimize your energy and live in a more relaxed way.


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