June 08, 2006

The Winsor Program and its body sculpting effects

Widely known and promoted by media as the Fitness System for the XXI century. In fact it’s a modern version of the original Pilates method of the early 20’s, readapted by dancer and coreographer Mari Winsor with a calorie-burning and body-shaping approach, combining the basic Pilates techniques with dance training.

Mari Winsor runs since 1990 the Winsor Fitness Studio and works along with a selected group of instructors that provide personal support to its very exclusive clients that include famous celebrities like Patrick Swayze, Vanessa Williams, Sandra Bullock, Danny Glover, Jasmine Guy, Jamie Lee Curtis, Madonna and Sharon Stone.

Thw Winsor Program is based on body motion movements that work particular muscles and muscular groups. It’s aimed for toning, strenghtening and sculpting the body. In order to accomplish dramatic results it must be accompanied by a balanced nutrition program and regular exercise as well.

Mari has developed a dynamic sequence of body-sculpting controlled movements that produce the same effects as regular exercise movements but in much less time and effort all of them vailable in Mari’s training videos, like the Basics Step-By-Step Workout & 20 Minute Workout dvd or video and Mari's most effective body sculpting moves featuring 'virtual 3-D training'.


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