December 04, 2008

Pilates apparel: Pilates-Yoga socks

While practicing Pilates and yoga or similar physical activities it is always there a latent risk of slipping, tripping over, falling and getting a serious injury that would stop you for days and even weeks.

Trainers can do well, however they are not comfortable enough for Pilates machine workout and for the subtle movements of yoga (the squeaking sound of sliding trainers on polished floor is just non-inspirational).

And going barefoot? It can be slippery too and not very pleasing when in summer time as well.

The right Pilates footwear are Pilates-Yoga socks, their non-slip sole help you get balance and control on your hardwood, mat and machine workout.

These five-toed sports socks have a fitted heel and arch support strip and seamless design that ensure a snug fit for you to feel secure when performing any kind of movement. The five toes allow you to work our every toe.

They are made of natural cotton that reduces moisture and stress between the toes. And yes, they are intended to be use without shoes.


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