April 12, 2008

Pilates workout tips - The Mermaid (II)

To improve your Pilates mermaid performance, here we give you some helpful tips to make the most of this waist molding movement:

  • If the position of step 1 bothers your hip, ankle or knee, you may lengthen your back leg to the side.
  • For knee protection, place the top of your foot on the mat.
  • Let the movement go fluent; prevent jamming on your joints.
  • For keeping pressure out of your knee when bending toward your back leg, try to get to the high diagonal instead of down toward your knee.

  • If you feel your hips tight and your knees under pressure, place a pillow under the hip you are seated on.
  • Avoid spiraling off your center by thinking of your body as having two side-to-side dimensions.
  • For maximizing your stretch, look at how your hand forms a circle as arching your arm around.
Source: FitSugar


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