November 17, 2006

Pilates exercises: Part V

Arm exercises (part II)

- Standup with your feet closed, arm hanging on both sides of your body. Raise slowly both arms until forming across and stretch taking the chest up. Then, bend both arms by the elbows to the shoulders until getting together the cuff link with the right shoulder and the left cuff link with the left shoulder. Open the elbow flexion and go back to the cross position. Flex again and continue until completing 10 times along with the breathing.

- With your feet together and the arms loose on each side raise slowly both arms stretching them forward until the level of the chest. Stretch them well. Now raise your stretched arms upwards, above your head, once here stretch them (as kids do to grow up) and get them down slowly by the front until the initial position (arms hanging on both sides). Repeat this exercise 10 times.

- On the straight and standup position raise arms slowly alternating both arms. Raise the right arm slowly by the front until above your head keeping the left arm stretched downwards. Stretch both arms in opposite directions. Then, start getting the right arm down slowly at the same time you are raising the left one. Keep the arms stretched, alternating them until completing the series of 10. Go back to the original position.


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