July 01, 2006

Part III: No pain anymore

The main objective of the application of the Pilates technique in muscles and bones rehab is to achieve corporal alignment, efficient muscular tonicity, motion control and PAINLESS FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT. This means that people with lesions or muscular-bone system pathologies may move controlling their movements and strengths with no disturbs and pain, keeping their joint stable and structurally aligned and strong body.

Bones are related between them on joints in order for not suffering and not being exposed to problems or injuries must be correctly aligned and stable so they can realize the normal movements they are designed for. When there is an asymmetric development the muscles who take part in the articular movement, as the normal pedestrian, using the same muscles regardless of the rest (for instance when we make an effort bending our arm, lifting something, squeezing, etc, or when we extend it hard, which increases the biceps’s size in despite of the muscles of the back part of the arm). When this happens some muscles “pull” more than others and the joint looses its alignment and stability.

These movements are usually minimum, and are not detected by the human eye, by the efficient and precise mechanisms of the human body, does. So, the body automatically tries to neutralize these small deviations and make some muscles start pulling to correct the problem. The pulling muscle ends up in pain, since it is not able to generate enough strength to neutralize the muscle more developed. It is unable to do so when it is a muscular imbalance problem and when this persists over time. (i.e.: arthrosis), generating a vicious circle that leads to pain and chronic functional limitation. This same phenomenon (muscle traction over the bone where it joins the tendon) makes increase the tension over the tendons and makes them easily prone to lesions (tendinitis, tendinosis).


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